The world's first completely hypothetical blockchain (hypothetically speaking)

Hypothetically trusted by these fine companies

    • Enron
    • Panam
    • FTX
    • Cambridge Analytica
    • Theranos
    • Pioneer Aviation

Infinite scalability powered by
Proof-of-Nothing technology.

HypChain's "no promises" architecture neatly sidesteps hard problems like achieving consensus, unlocking unprecedented hypothetical performance.

HypChain operates at faster-than-light speeds, enabling transactions to settle before they have even occurred.

The premier purpose-built futility coin

Traditionally, it takes time for an investment's worthlessness to become apparent. HypCoin is different: it's obviously worthless from the start. This is key to HypChain's unique efficiency.


Prove your lack of knowledge.

ZK technology has been around for a while, but we're confident you don't actually know what it is. Neither do we. That's true zero-knowledge.

Rull Good Security

Never feel insecure again.

HypCoin holders have a certain swagger. People might call your gait "jaunty" or some similarly fun word. At least, hypothetically they could.

Smart Contracts

Very popular these days.

It seems like everyone's doing them now. We could be, too! There's nothing physically preventing it, anyway.

Beat the pants off your competition.

They'll never see it coming. You can't see hypothetical things because that's impossible. Your competition will be lying there, pantsless, shivering, wondering to themselves "how did this happen?"

Get your first HypCoin

Hypothetically used by millions.

It's completely possible that billions or even trillions of people have used the HypChain. We really have no way of knowing. Here are some things they could have potentially said:

    • If you think about it, dollars are pretty hypothetical too.

      Christopher G. Cavoli
      Supreme Allied Commander of the HypChain Army
    • If Pioneer Aviation is on board, I am too!

      Frank Burns
    • There's no way this is a scam. I'm in.

      Condoleezza Rice
      Artist-in-Residence at RAND Corporation
    • I officially endorse this very good product, I think.

      Zach Latta
      Founder of Hack Club
    • Damn, why didn't I think of this?

      Sam Bankman-Fried
    • Who are you? How did you get in my house?

      Steve Jobs
      Pretending to be dead

On our transparent exchange
the prices are invisible

That's what transparency means. Here are some numbers you could hypothetically pay, if you wanted to.

A Small Number

A pathetic, paltry sum.


    Buy HypCoin

    A Medium Number

    You can do better.


      Buy HypCoin


      Still too low but w/e


        Buy HypCoin

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        To purchase any quantity of HypCoin, send 0.01BTC to the address below. Your HypCoin will be instantly transferred to your wallet!

        HypCoin Address

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